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need your help! 


Owing to the travel bans put in place to stop the spread of Covid-19, Following Giants has closed, and income from tourism is running out. 

At the beginning of the year, we reopened to the public as an elephant-friendly venue and banned riding, bathing, feeding and all forced interaction to give our elephants the best life possible. 


While tourism has stopped, our commitment to these elephants and their carers continues.  


We're turning to our supporters from around the world to help our project through this difficult time. We are grateful to receive support from World Animal Protection, who partnered with us to transition Following Giants to a high-welfare venue. However, securing space, water, and food for three elephants, without income from ethical tourism, requires an elephant-sized effort! 


Please consider making a donation of any amount to Following Giants through the TransferWise or Paypal link below. Chok, Jahn, Sow, and the Following Giants team appreciates your support!

In case we receive the supported enough, we can share your donation grants to help other elephants in our Province. Thank you 

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1 week supply of Sow's

specialized elderly elephant diet


800 THB

$25 USD

Feed all 3 elephants for 1 day 

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1,500 THB

$45 USD

One truckload of pineapple leaves

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3,000 THB

$92 USD

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